Hi! I’m a Girl Scout Senior, and I’m the creator of Virtual Escape Rooms For Kids. I started creating virtual escape rooms in the spring of 2020 after discovering the idea. I had been looking for an activity to do as part of my W.O.W. L.I.A (Wonders Of Water Leader In Action). I decided to make a virtual escape room to teach my sister’s Girl Scouts Troop about water conservation. Play the “The Mermaid Escape Room” here. Eventually I started the project to become by Girl Scout Silver Award while I was a Cadette.

To date, I have created ten virtual escape rooms (all of which are free so anyone and everyone can play them), which have been played by more than 338,000 people. We believe the real number to be at least double that because responses are only counted if the last page is submitted and many people play these in a group setting. (This number absolutely blows my mind – to anyone and everyone who has supported me by playing, sharing, and visiting my site – thank you, and please know you are greatly appreciated!)

Players from my virtual escape rooms come from all over the world. I have received notes from players all over the USA, South Korea, London, Israel, Croatia, Italy, Asia, Australia, Estonia, Hungary, Brazil and more. One of the greatest impacts that these virtual escape rooms have had is that they provide teachers and Scout leaders with fun, free, virtual activities that their classes/groups can participate in together. To learn about how to play with others, visit my FAQ page.

After the success of my Mermaid Escape Room, I decided to put my skills to work to create more virtual escape rooms for my Girl Scouts Silver Award Project. To earn my Silver Award, I have to dedicate at least 50 hours to a project that helps solve a community issue. So far I have spent more than 30 hours creating escape rooms, this website and my tutorial. My Silver Award project provides fun, educational virtual activities for kids around the world and encourage kids to create their own escape rooms.

In addition to new escape rooms, one of the most common requests has been for me to create a tutorial so that people can create virtual escape rooms of their own. I am currently putting the finishing touches on a tutorial. All of my virtual escape rooms are created using Google Forms, so the tutorial will teach users how to utilize that platform for creating virtual escape rooms.

This website and the virtual escape rooms on it were created by a teenager. That means that they aren’t perfect. From time to time, you might find a bug or a mistake I’ve missed. If you do find one, please let me know by filling out this form.  Please note that all answers in the puzzles are correct in the form. If you think you have the right answer but it is telling you that it is wrong, it is wrong. (Tip, if you are stuck check one of these common mistakes — your spelling, capitalization, spell out the numeral or use a numeral. Though sometimes I may make a mistake as well! 😉 ) 

Thank you so much for checking my website, please feel free to share my site with others and comment below with your feedback!

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