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What Is A Virtual Escape Room?

Similar to physical escape rooms, a virtual escape room takes players through a series of puzzles. Each puzzle must be solved correctly before the player can advance to the next puzzle. I build all of my virtual escape rooms using Google Forms, which require the correct answer to be entered before allowing players to advance.

Virtual escape rooms can be played on a computer, tablet or mobile device. I recommend a computer or tablet for players because of the size limitations of a smartphone.

Are These Virtual Escape Rooms Free?

All virtual escape rooms on this site are free. However, there are some out there (made by others) that are not.

What Ages Are These Virtual Escape Rooms Best For?

The virtual escape rooms on this site are all intended for elementary school-age children, but people of all ages enjoy them. Regardless of age, certain puzzles may stump some while others breeze through them. I hope people of all ages have fun!

Since many of my virtual escape rooms include word scrambles, participants need to be able to read. If not, they will need help from someone who knows how to read.

How Can I Play These Virtual Escape Rooms With A Group?

To complete these with a group virtually, the whole group should join an online meeting. The presenter should share their screen, so the group can work together on one submission. One person should read aloud the questions and give time for players to work silently. After a few minutes (or once everyone believes they have solved it), the presenter should allow players to shout out the answer. If there are multiple different answers, players can discuss which answer they want to try first, until they get the correct answer.

To complete these with a group face to face, similar to virtual play, one presenter can project or otherwise share their screen with a group of people. Players can be given a chance to think independently about the answers before discussing as a group. Then each answer can be submitted by the presenter creating one submission for the group.

To complete with multiple submissions, whether playing virtually or in person, players can open the escape room on their own devices and play individually creating their own submission while playing simultaneously with others.

Why Won’t the Virtual Escape Room Load For Me?

From time to time, I receive messages from people who have trouble getting the virtual escape rooms to load. Unfortunately, this seems to be an issue with the Google Form itself. While we have attempted to troubleshoot the problem, there doesn’t appear to be a lot we can do at this time.

Some things that have worked for others include:

  • Refresh the page
  • Try again later
  • Try another device
  • Clear your cache
  • Try logging into a different Google account (some school accounts have issues)

I wish I had a better solution for this. It is something I am continuing to look into to hopefully ultimately solve the problem. Thank you for your patience.

Why Are Feedback Questions Asked At The End?

The feedback questions are asked so that I can monitor and see where players come from. None of the feedback questions take personal information, only: the favorite puzzle of the player, if the player has any other puzzle ideas, if a player worked with a group or not, age range of the players, the vague location of the player (state or country), and if the participant has any other feedback. The answers are not shared with others and are only used to monitor player’s thoughts on the virtual escape rooms and so that it’s known where and how old players are (from).

What is the Girl Scouts Silver Award?

The Girl Scouts Silver Award is the highest award a GS Cadette (girl in grades 6-8) can earn. The project must help the community and take the girl 50+ hours to complete.

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